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Here at Cheshire Cat Marketing, we are a very close, tight-knit marketing agency that understands the challenges of working alongside having a social and family life. 

The Cheshire Cat Marketing Culture ​

The founders, Rhiannon and Darren built this agency so that not only could they work in marketing, an industry where all of their passion and drive was embedded into, but because they also wanted to focus on being parents to three amazing, wild children, and four even wilder pets; so, as super parents and marketing geniuses, they now outdo Batman and Catwoman. 

Family always comes first for us here at Cheshire Cat Marketing which is why we are fortunate in that we work fully-flexible hours if needs be. If one of our team members has a commitment, they cannot reschedule, or something happens unexpectedly, we are happy for them to re-arrange their hours to suit them. In the past, smaller commitments such as a doctor or dentist appointment have allowed a colleague to work later that day or at the weekend, and on a larger scale, we have adapted somebody’s entire hours for them to go travelling- as long as the tasks are completed, we are happy.

Rhiannon Birch, Co-Founder at our small business marketing agency
Rhiannon Birch - Co-Founder & Queen of Creative at Cheshire Cat Marketing

Preach it Sista.

Another reason to become a part of the Cheshire Cat Marketing family is that growth, progress and support are what we preach. We choose to support our colleagues in career progression, we want to support our colleagues in growing within our company, and we will ensure that the support doesn’t end there. Fast progression is something we are able to adhere to as a small agency; we are very invested in our employees, so why would we want to drag out their journey with us?

We support our employees as our workers, as well as people; we want to ensure that they are always happy inside and out of work. If they need an agony aunt, we will be their shoulder to cry on, and if they need a good rant, we will join in. 

What people say about us

Our best possible credentials are the work we do and the kind words of the companies we work with, so please view our case studies and reviews on Google My Business.

We Love a Good Perk!

Did we forget to mention that being susceptive to the odd rant isn’t the only perk that we offer here at Cheshire Cat? By teaming up with Perkbox, we have been able to give back to our employees; Iced Latte? Don’t mind if we do. Cinema date? It’s on us. Oops, I ate too much popcorn… Don’t worry; we even have an online fitness coach app called Boxx! Ouch, I’ve sprained my ankle while working out! There’s no need to cry with our online GP. 

Guys, the list goes on! We know how hard-working our team is which is why we put in place this reward scheme to show our gratitude and because we too enjoy a weekly Cafe Nero. 

Perkbox and Cheshire Cat Marketing

Break free from the shackles of corporate life.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of our growing family, this is the place to be! Here we will advertise all of our open positions, so make sure that you regularly watch this space, big things are coming. 

We utilise the very best of platforms

No hidden costs, required extras or unexplained fees. You tell us what you want and we give you a price.

We believe that there’s no merit in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and will build packages around your needs.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies we cut out the jargon (hallelujah) and speak in plain English.

We’ve been involved in the marketing of businesses in a variety of sectors and understand the challenges you face.
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