Why Your Business Should Skip the Black Friday Discount Bandwagon

Why Your Business Should Skip The Black Friday Bandwagon

Is there anything more stressful than Black Friday when you run a business? The easy answer is – no. For many years, we have been supporting SMEs with their marketing, and every November, more and more Black Friday campaigns crawl out of the woodwork. It’s fair to say that some years, we can truly relate to Amy from Superstore (see below gif).

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. We have worked on some incredibly fun and creative campaigns and had some amazing Black Friday triumphs for our clients. We also have plenty of activity planned out for this year, but rather than give you the usual tips on mastering your Black Friday campaign, we thought we would mix it up a little bit and discuss why your brand might not want to jump on the bandwagon.

Sky-High Costs of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Come Black Friday, PPC costs soar higher than a firework on Bonfire Night. The digital world becomes a battleground, with businesses fighting for consumer attention with big discounts, in-your-face adverts and pushy sales messages. If the thought of your marketing budget disappearing quicker than normal gives you pause, it might be time to reconsider this costly contest. Research indicates that CPC (Cost Per Click) rates can skyrocket by upwards of 140% during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period. That’s quite the outlay for a click that may not even lead to a sale!

The Perils of Persistent Offers

Why would your customers ever pay full price if your products are always reduced? As we approach Christmas, many businesses have promotional offers planned for this peak shopping season, and that’s great. But then we add in Boxing Day sales, and January Sales, and Black Friday, and Cyber Monday and all of a sudden, your target audience has been flooded for weeks with your products on offer. This constant stream of discounts can suggest to customers that your products are worth less than their listed price, diminishing your brand’s perceived value. Frequent price promotions can even cause real issues, such as leading to customers thinking that your normal pricing is inflated or starting to associate your lower prices with lower quality! You want your customers to feel like they’ve discovered a hidden gem – an exclusive limited-time-only offer, and not your product at its normal price but with a discount sticker.

Premium Brands Focus On Purpose Over Price Cuts

It’s worth looking at how premium brands in your industry handle Black Friday. Many premium brands have started to focus on a less-is-more approach to ensure they do not devalue their brand. In an age of rampant consumerism, positioning your products as timeless investments rather than impulse buys can help to showcase the eco-friendly side of your business. By sidestepping the Black Friday sales stampede, you can not only combat the tackiness of price drops but also serve as a chic statement against the buy-and-discard culture. This can really stand out and be impactful if your target audience is eco-focused. Plus when brands with this attitude do host a sale, it’s an exciting nod to exclusivity in a sea of overconsumption.

The Diminishing Trust in Discounts

When every shop window is plastered with “SALE” signs, customers start to view these offers with a healthy dose of scepticism. I’m sure you will have seen in the press that some businesses increase product prices just before Black Friday so that they are able to promote them with a higher discount. As a result, a significant number of consumers are becoming wary of discounts, and with research showing that only 1 in 7 Black Friday offers are actually real, can you blame them? As this trust erodes, the effectiveness of discount strategies plummets. People have been stung over the years; now, they simply don’t trust discounts as much as they used to.

Quality Marketing Beats Quantity of Discounts

Rather than getting sucked into the discounting vortex, why not channel your resources into high-quality marketing strategies that make your brand unforgettable? Concentrate on what sets you apart, engage with your audience personally, and craft experiences that linger in their memories long after the holiday adverts have disappeared.

While Black Friday might seem like a golden opportunity for retailers, it’s certainly not the only route to success. By opting out of the discount derby, you can protect your brand’s reputation, keep your marketing expenses in check, and foster customer relationships based on quality and trust rather than just price.

So, before you follow the crowd down the discount rabbit hole this Black Friday, think about whether it’s the right strategy for your business. With intelligent marketing and a brand that sparkles even without the markdowns, you can stand out all year long—no discount necessary.

And remember, at Cheshire Cat Marketing, we’re passionate about crafting creative, compelling and effective marketing approaches that perform long-term. Even if you’re eager to step into the sales scrum, we can still help you find ways to improve your ROI and stand out. We’ll ensure your brand’s story is heard above the festive clamour, Black Friday sale or no sale.

Choosing not to darken your brand with Black Friday doesn’t mean forsaking success. It means redefining what success looks like for your brand. In the realm of marketing, sometimes the boldest move is not to follow the crowd—especially when they’re all dashing towards the same “sale” sign. Stand out, be daring, and let your brand’s true colours shine brightly. It’s time to make every day feel like the best deal ever—no discount code needed.

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