The Importance of Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19

The Importance of Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19

We are living in tough times, with the outbreak of COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) forcing businesses to close their doors in the hope of reducing confirmed cases, it’s hard to stay positive when you are trying to find ways to your company afloat. But, we shouldn’t let coronavirus take all hope and happiness away. As a business, you can still promote your services and products online via digital marketing to keep your brand in front of consumers. Even Forbes is talking about the need for a professional, targeted social media marketing strategy during coronavirus.

Retaining customers is just as important as gaining new ones during this shaky time. You want your customers to remember who you are when we come out of these uncertain times. The moment the shutdown is lifted, people will be at cinemas, on the high streets and in restaurants celebrating the end of their isolation. Make sure that you are the brand they think of first when they step out of their front door.

Please keep reading to learn more about the importance of maximising your digital marketing right now. If you haven’t made the shift from traditional marketing methods to online marketing before, do it now. When this all eventually blows over, and a sense of normality returns, we can even talk to you about taking over your print marketing too!

The Importance of Blogs

You probably know that blogs are an essential way to reach out to consumers. When people search a query on search engines, they are often met with blogs providing interesting information or promoting products that relate to their question. Blogs are ruled by SEO, which when done right can help you rank higher on search engines than your competitors. When a blog is written by an expert, like our copywriting Queens at Cheshire Cat Marketing, it can make a massive difference to how often you pop up in the search results.

Because of coronavirus, blogs are more important now than ever. People are bored. People are stuck indoors with nothing to do but browse the internet. They are looking for things to entertain, educate and help them. At times like this, you need to focus on creating and promoting blogs that offer advice and tips is a great way to keep your brand in their minds, build trust and inspire loyalty. If someone is googling DIY skincare tips for acne and you have some amazing content on your website about it, people will find your blog, and your brand. From there you can showcase yourself as a pillar of helpful information and then when the world has returned to normal, they can book in for one of your acne-busting facials! 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is vital for connecting with potential and current clients on the platforms they use every day. Instagram claims that a massive 42% of the UK population can be reached via advertising on their platform, while Twitter says that 13.6 million people can be reached on there. At a time when everyone is on their phones looking for content, news updates and alternative sites for the products they love, online advertising is necessary.

After the news that Amazon is limiting shipments of ‘non-essential’ items to their warehouses, people know the products they love but aren’t considered essential will soon run out on their site. By advertising your website via social media platforms, you can be seen as an alternative to Amazon and supermarkets who can’t stock the shelves fast enough.

Social media marketing is also great for retaining current clients during the shutdown, as well as gaining new ones who will purchase your products now and even pop into physical stores once they reopen. Running social media competitions is a great way to get your brand out there. We understand e-commerce is having a tough time, with redundancies and reduced pay, but competitions can help ensure you jump back on your feet post-outbreak. Even sharing discount codes to bring in the customers can boost your sales and brand awareness. 

Blogs and social content are essential if you want your customers to remember your brand and come to you post-isolation. Here at Cheshire Cat Marketing, we care about SMEs. As marketing experts, we are experienced in utilising both online and traditional forms of marketing to boost brand awareness, build trust and consumer loyalty, and grow sales, and as the coronavirus closes physical stores and threatens businesses, we want to help you to keep sales steady and create a loyal community around your brand.

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