Push Notifications and Engagement
Rhiannon Birch

Rhiannon Birch

Push Notifications and Engagement

Push notifications can be a useful addition to any marketing strategy; they can be used to promote new products or act as a reminder to the consumers of your app and brand. Push notifications can also increase app engagement with your potential customers; with average opening rates of a whopping 90%! These may seem like a simple strategy; however, they are a lot more effective than you may think at keeping your brand on the mind of your apps users. 

If your company has an app, and you believe that your business could improve on its engagement, continue reading this blog on push notifications and how to utilise them in your marketing strategy. Sometimes you just gotta be a little pushy. 

“I Don’t Want to Push People.”

Wow, let’s take a step back… Push notifications are just short messages that pop up on people’s devices. They can be used for many reasons; reminders, promotion of products/sales or to inform the app-users of any updates, and 9/10, people opt in to receive them. Publishers of apps have the power to send these notifications at any time; users don’t have to be using the app or their device for that matter. As long as the app is downloaded on your device, you will receive a notification; either on your lock screen or they’ll be waiting for you when you next unlock your device. There is no escape, haha.

The Benefits to a Little Push

Push notifications are incredibly beneficial for any and all businesses. They boost app engagement by 88%, meaning your brand is promoted to a larger audience instantly. As people have already downloaded your app and are aware of your business, it serves to remind them, as often as you choose, of your company and its products or services. 

Push notifications are popular amongst consumers as well; with 50% of users opting into push notifications and finding push messages useful. Therefore, push notifications are a smart marketing strategy to increase engagement as people are likely to pay attention to them and their messages. Who can say no to a cheeky 50% off sale anyway?

All mobile platforms have support for push notifications; including iOS, Android, Fire OS and Windows, meaning there are no limits for push notifications on any device. It’s your time to shine. 

The Prettier, The Better

Now that you know what push notifications are and how they can be beneficial to your business, you need to know how you can take advantage of them as part of an effective marketing strategy. When deciding on what to include in your push notifications, consider how you can grasp the attention of your consumers quickly. 

Try and make all of your push messages as short as possible so that the full message can fit on screen; making people aware of what you are trying to advertise immediately. A tip for this would be to use alliteration, emojis and numbers which all help a message seem shorter and more exciting to readers; it’s no surprise that they will capture a consumer’s attention more than a paragraph of text. Don’t those monkey emojis get you every single time?

Make sure to promote all of your in-app or business-wide sales and promotions on push notifications; this is a great strategy to include in marketing campaigns as it allows you to reach a more extensive and broader audience. You should always emphasise the limited time for each sale by capitalising words such as “NOW” or “ENDS SOON” and always make sure you convey to the consumer the sale percentage. The pressure is on. 

Another way to make push notifications highly effective is by utilising follow up notifications after customers have purchased an item or service. After a purchase is made, your company can use push notifications to remind the customer of any sales still running, or if they used a promo code you could notify them of the savings they have just made; enticing them to make further purchases. Or if you really want to push the boat out, you could notify them of similar products to the ones that they have been searching for… it’ll be hard for them to say no.

Another type of follow up push notification is received after a product has been delivered to ask for the customer’s experience and if they are fully satisfied. This can help increase app engagement, too. Besides, they can’t be mad at how cute they look in their new jacket that you ‘pushed’ them to buy!

If you want to learn more about how push notifications can increase your businesses engagement or if you need help on using them in your marketing strategy, feel free to get in touch with us here at Cheshire Cat Marketing today.


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