Product Launch Engagement Strategies
Rhiannon Birch

Rhiannon Birch

Product Launch Engagement Strategies

In consumer goods, about 85% of new products fail. Therefore, product launches are an important marketing strategy for any business to promote their products to potential customers in order for them to succeed. Like on a first date, the first impression is crucial. 

If your prior product launches have been minimal in their success, or you need help planning your company’s first one, then read on to find some helpful tips.

Do You Likey?

If you want to increase engagement during your next product launch then the first thing you need to do is define your audience. Once you are aware of your target audience, you can utilize the different social media platforms more effectively; Instagram and Facebook, for example, allow you to target your ads to specific audiences based on age, interests and other demographics. This means your product launch and marketing will only reach people that you believe will have a genuine interest in your products.

Once you have defined your audience, it’ll also allow you to focus your product launch on the people, not the product. In turn, this will make your product launch more popular as it will stand out against other product promotions which don’t try and engage with their targeted audience as much. Also, if you make the product launch about the people, it’ll be easier to convince them that your product is right for them, increasing your chances of selling the product. Selling jewelry for women? Make it rain diamonds!

It’s Cool to Create Content

Another way of increasing your engagement is to create content that will raise awareness of the new product. An example of this would be writing a blog post about the usefulness and importance of your product and how it will be beneficial to your potential customers’ lives; enticing them to pre-purchase the item. The more knowledge you show in your blogs, the more trustworthy your brand and product seems, convincing people to buy into it. You just gotta have a way with words, my friend.

Content such as blogs and social media posts can also create a conversation surrounding your product; therefore, increasing your brand’s awareness. It is more beneficial to create a conversation and produce interest in your product before it is launched as it can increase your sales post-launch.

Be Kind

Excellent customer service will not go unnoticed while you’re trying to engage customers, either. If you spend time replying to customers or setting up a team to deal with customer enquiries during the product launch, you can both reassure potential customers’ confusion and show them that you are a company that cares. Answering a social media complaint increases customer advocacy by as much as 25%; therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to do this. We realise that dealing with complaints is never fun, but you can come out on top, trust us.

Pre-orders are crucial in this process, too. By allowing people to pre-order your product, you will have an understanding of how popular it is, and if needs be, what part of your launch needs altering to be more productive. This can also help you improve engagement after the initial product launch as you have pre-prepared your sales team in case you receive a large influx of orders or you are all dealing with a lot of customers. Show your colleagues what being proactive is all about!

If She’s Got It, I Have to Have It

86% of women turn to internet influencers before making a purchase, therefore, if you send your product during its launch to online influencers, you can increase your chances of selling it to potential customers who follow them. Furthermore, you can go beyond merely one P.R. package with an influencer, and instead, make them a brand ambassador for your brand. It’s all about those Insta posts.

Usually, influencers will only connect with companies who produce products they trust and want to promote. If an influencer does choose to be business buddies with you, they can help continuously promote your company and products beyond the launch. Furthermore, people are likely to trust their opinion more as they have created a partnership with a company whom they fully trust. A bond that’ll never break. 

If you want to make this your most effective product launch yet, or you need help in increasing the engagement for your company’s first launch, then contact Cheshire Cat Marketing today.


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