Paid-For Ads Should Be Your Businesses Best Friend

Paid-For Ads Should Be Your Businesses Best Friend

With the vast majority of the public using social media platforms regularly, it has become more imperative that you use these platforms to your advantage and create greater awareness of your brand- in other words, it is time to show off what you’ve got. Poor or no exposure at all for your business can result in failure; with more than half of new businesses failing during the first year.

Fortunately, by paying for online and televised advertisements for your business, you will increase your brand exposure and therefore, the success and profit of your company, too. If you want to get clued up further on the benefits of paid-ads, continue reading.

Social Media Campaigns

One way that you can increase your brand’s awareness is through paid advertisements in social media campaigns; Facebook is responsible for influencing more than half – 52% – of consumers’ online and offline purchases. The benefit of a paid-for ad is that you can control the branding of your business throughout the campaign; you can also control who can see and interact with your advertisement, the message you want to portray and how you want to represent your brand’s values and identity. Paid ads are also handy when it comes to promoting new offers, and they allow you to present updates to the public when you revitalise your branding, too.

As the advertisement is paid for, you can choose where your ad will be placed during the campaign. Depending on who you want to target, there are different social media platforms you can utilise; for instance, Facebook has millions of users on a wide-ranging basis, allowing you to focus on specific demographics based on age, gender or even interests. Facebook Ads are based on profile information, location and demographics, meaning you can target particular groups of people who would be most interested in what you are trying to sell/promote. It’s all about knowing the people.

Google AdWords

86% of consumers use the internet to find a local business, and Google AdWords offers these businesses the ability to display a brief advertisement to web users at the top of a search results page. A benefit of Google AdWords is that you only pay for your AD to be there if and when a user clicks the link and is taken to your website. This is usually more appealing than using TV, radio and print to advertise a business because you’ll have to pay for your ad to be displayed in the first place, whether this increases your company’s popularity and traffic or not.

The system is based partly on cookies and partly on keywords determined by you; this means that Google will show your ad on pages and searches they think it might be relevant to. Therefore, your ad is highly targeted at customers who are actively searching for products or relatable products to what you sell. Ads that relate to a customer’s search leads to a higher click-through rate to your website- it’s a win, win!

Television and Radio Advertisement

The benefit of paid-for advertising on television and radio is that you can target a wider-ranging audience than social media. This is best for companies offering services that don’t appeal to a small demographic, such as teenagers or specific genders, but rather a more general targeted audience. Therefore, spending extra on your ad is more worthwhile as your advertisement can reach a broader audience. 

Although, you can control who sees your ad to an extent as various television and radio channels already target different audiences. Radio One, the radio station that gets you wanting to boogie was created for younger listeners while television has channels based just on cooking which are definitely not targeted at students who believe making toast is cooking. Placing your ad on a channel that already shows programmes targeted to a similar audience as your own, gives you a higher chance of creating awareness and popularity of what you are advertising.

More Effective and Greater Awareness

Overall, no matter what media platform you use, the main benefit of paid-for ads is that it will be highly effective in generating further awareness of your company. Rather than lower cost methods such as local advertising, it’s time to push the boat out with national adverts that’ll allow you to reach thousands more possible customers.

Creating greater awareness is essential for the survival of your company because, without public knowledge of what you are selling, no profits can be made- and that is definitely now what you had in mind, we’re sure. By paying for advertising on social media or television, you’ll look snazzy and professional, while also creating credibility and a vast amount of traffic; bringing in the dollar. 

If you need further help on understanding paid-for ads or if you want help using them in your next campaign, contact Cheshire Cat Marketing today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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