How To Use Marketing to Help Launch Your App

How To Use Marketing to Help Launch Your App

It is said that as of the first quarter of 2019, app users chose to download between 2.6 million Android and 2.2 million iOS apps. Whether your app is a game, business-associated or is targeted at fitness fanatics, there is always competition- but, we all love a bit of healthy competition, right? However, without effective marketing from the initial launch, your app can become lost in the Apple and Google lists, to be barely downloaded or even seen by anyone. Therefore, in this technological age, marketing is an essential tactic to expand on public awareness of your app.

To learn how to use marketing to help launch your app into the sweetness of success, consider the following steps.

Making Your App Compelling on the Stores

The first thing a potential buyer will see is your app’s listing on the app store. Therefore, the image and name of your app should appear sophisticated, interesting and well, snazzy to intrigue potential buyers. If your app’s logo seems amateur and a bore-fest, it won’t compel the consumer to find out more about the app. Also, don’t forget that a long or confusing name for your app may repel customers; they are harder to remember and in all honesty, nobody wants to be sat there for a good few seconds reading it. The shorter it is, the more you appear professional (for example, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram).

If your app’s image and the name is successfully compelling, then the next thing the consumer will review is the description. Here you have the chance to inform them of your apps functions, purpose and features. You have the freedom to explain what your app is for and how it works while making it seem as useful to the customer as possible; therefore, persuading them to purchase. This is where the gift of the gab comes in but in a larger sense. 

Continually updating the description with new updates and features helps viewers become aware of any app awards that you have won and how the app is progressing, and this will, in turn, make them view you as an established and reliable app company.

Create a Social Presence

As well as making your app seem appealing to various online stores, it is also imperative to create a social presence. Social media campaigns for your app allow you to target specific demographics that your app is tailored to. Although advertising on television will enable you to connect with millions of people, it isn’t accurate enough to justify the advertisement costs- we don’t all have that kinda dollar, right?

If targeting a younger generation, generally social media platforms are also useful to advertise on. Facebook ads, for instance, are helpful because millions of people of all ages have an account on this platform and use the app every day; allowing Facebook to advertise to specific generations by separating ages and genders etc. Facebook ads are based on location, demographic and profile information, meaning people who are mostly interested in what particular aspects of their app can offer are directly targeted.

Turn Positive Feedback into Marketing Material

On the app store, the customer is always free to see the reviews of your app. You have little control over what reviews they see here as it is usually based upon the latest posts and an overall star or numerical rating. However, a way that you can influence your feedback is by making your app accessible and fault free with constant bug fixes, new updates and impeccable customer service- it’s time to woo your consumers. 

In terms of your positive reviews, you can use your marketing to help launch your app by turning this positive feedback into marketing material. You can take the best reviews of your app, and present them in your social media marketing campaigns- If Holly from Cambridgeshire likes it, so will I! By repeatedly displaying positive feedback to the public, they will continuously be made aware of the benefits of downloading or purchasing your app, helping increase its popularity. 

Although, when using reviews, it is essential to use only the keywords and phrases; using a complete, lengthy review may cause the reader to lose interest halfway through. Also, if you have any accomplishments, it’s time to preach about them; placing positive awards such as the app of the year on your online content is also a great way to make your app seem more credible.

For further information or advice on marketing your app, contact us here at Cheshire Cat Marketing, and we will be happy to give you our marketing expertise! Our number is 01606 270513, or you can quickly fill out our contact form on our website.

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