How Do I Recover After COVID-19?

How Do I Recover After COVID-19?

The time to act is now. This is a difficult situation for everyone but don’t wait until this is all over to come up with a recovery strategy, because if you wait, it may be too late. Complete projects you’ve been putting off. Improve your digital marketing strategies and online presence. Get your website perfected. If you do it right, when this ends, you can be in a strong position.

The big question is – what factors determine how well a company recovers after a crisis?

Well, we did our research and found that PwC conducted a study on 2,000 companies and analysed 4,500 crises, and the results showed that companies that performed best after a crisis did these 5 things:

#1 Allocated a budget

Out of the 41% who allocated a budget, 39% performed better after the crisis. The budget can be for many different things, such as paying for digital marketing services or hosting an event after the Coronavirus lockdown is over to welcome back customers.

#2 Had a plan

Having a plan is always important! Did you know that the 54% of businesses that had a plan performed better compared to the 30% who didn’t have a plan? It’s important to have a crisis response plan to know what to do during and after COVID-19 passes. Those companies that performed best kept testing and refining their plans. They also ensured their plans were flexible and holistic.

#3 Adopted a fact-based approach

75% of those in a better place following a crisis recognised the importance of establishing accurate facts. Make sure you keep on top of current news for Coronavirus updates and make constant readjustments to your plan. These are very uncertain times, that’s why it’s important to stay informed. 

#4 Performed a root-cause analysis

Those in a better place following a crisis performed a root-cause analysis and 80% acted on their findings. Analyse the situation you are in and decide how to handle it. You may consider taking measures to reduce the impact of another crisis in the future. Perhaps implementing a remote working regime permanently?

#5 Acted as a team

93% of those who acted as a team found themselves in a better place compared to the 39% of those who didn’t act as a team. As terrible as it may be, this pandemic can be an opportunity for your team to become stronger as everyone is going through the same struggles. Make sure to utilise every individual’s strength in overcoming these tough times.  

These 5 research-backed factors show that it is vital to create a well-informed plan based on facts and to perform analysis to ensure your business does well after the crisis. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of outside-the-box thinking and brainstorming with your team. You can contact us at Cheshire Cat Marketing for advice on what your business can do from a marketing perceptive. We’ll help you to develop a plan that you are happy with and ensures your business recovers well after the COVID-19 pandemic.

What can you do right now?

Here are 5 ideas that you can begin to implement to future-proof your business.

#1 Improve your online presence & social media channels

  • If you can, use this time to create blog content for your website. Create at least 5 blog posts that you can publish every few weeks to ensure your website is constantly updated (which looks great to search engines). People are searching for content to absorb, so make sure your brand is out there.
  • Create and automate social media posts so that your customers will see you are active and involved on social media channels. Brighten up their day with motivational content and good news!
  • You can also use this time to freshen your website so it’s easier to navigate and has up-to-date content. If you’d like a free website review, we are more than happy to give you some pointers.

If you would like more useful information on the importance of digital marketing during COVID-19 read our blog here.

#2 Stay in touch with your customers

You may think just because your business is closed you don’t need to talk to your customers. That is not true. Strengthen relationships with your customers. Let your customers know how you’re doing and check that they’re managing as well as they can, given the circumstances. This is a difficult time for everyone so being supportive and genuine will go a long way. During these tough times, a lot of people want to support small businesses. So, if you provide your customers with ways to support your business, they may do it. For example, if you’re a restaurant you may ask your customers to support you by ordering deliveries or by sharing your post to promote your establishment.

#3 Make a strong come-back

Create a special opening event if you have a venue or a shop. This will encourage people to support your business which will not only bring a good amount of revenue but it will make a great impression on customers. It is not clear when businesses will be able to open again but you can use this time to create a plan for your event and even create a buzz about it on your social media channels.

#4 Offer promotions or discounts

In order to continue generating cash flow, you may consider offering prepaid packages that people can redeem once the pandemic is over. This would be great for you because it’ll mean you’ll receive money during times of no business. Loyal customers may especially be willing to do this to support you during these tough times. You may also offer discounts to encourage new customers to support you. If you are able to take your business online, it can really help to increase sales. A lot of people have been made redundant, are furloughed or on SSP, so any cost-savings that you could offer might enable them to purchase from you.

#5 Offer educational content

During times of lockdown, a lot of people will be bored and looking for something to do. This is a time where they will have more time to themselves than they’ve had in a long time. A lot of people may use this time to educate themselves so creating educational content for customers may entice them further to purchase from your business once it reopens. 

If you would like help implementing any of these ideas, please give us a call on 01606 270513, or if you’d like to get to know us better click here. We too are facing a lot of struggles as a small business, but we know the importance of supporting one another to get through this. Let’s not allow this virus to get the better of us and together let’s find the strength to beat it! Get in touch with us if you would like help with generating cash flow, with hands-on marketign support or if you need help building a plan. 

We are a women-led digital marketing agency with a close-knit team of committed marketing experts who can help you write blog posts, manage your social media channels and create effective ads. We will improve your brand awareness and loyalty so that once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, you will have loyal customers who will be happy to buy from you.

Help us to help you!

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