Building A Community Around Your Small Fashion Brand

Building A Community Around Your Small Fashion Brand

Marketing for small fashion outlets is essential, whether you want to remain as a local brand or develop into the likes of Topshop. By connecting with a marketing agency or working on your own, you can build a community around your brand; increasing your public recognition and resulting in a profit. Building a community around your brand is necessary for any small fashion outlet wanting to develop and progress in the fashion industry because it’ll allow you to build on your brand to be one that is recognisable and loved within your area.

Do you own a small fashion outlet which is lacking in its marketing? Read on for tips on how to build a strategy that works for your business- and soon enough, everyone in your area will be showcasing your pieces!

Invest in Help

Even though the marketing for small clothes retailers is essential, when setting up a fashion outlet or any new SME or startup business, time is sparse. As well as marketing your business, the owner also needs to focus on the financial management of the company, the ideal location for the best sales, setting up a website and hiring reliable employees. 

This is why collaborating with a marketing agency would be beneficial to you because it allows you to focus on the areas where your expertise lie while they can relieve you of the pressures of creating an awareness of your business online to help you increase the influx of customers. 

Getting help from an agency will give you the opportunity to focus on the fashion side of things and the standard of your customer service; utilising the skills you already have rather than trying to teach yourself the ins and outs of creating a snazzy marketing scheme. Nearly 90% of marketers say marketing efforts have increased their business’s exposure; but without knowing what you’re doing, how will you expose your brand? As with minimal public awareness,  a business can’t generate enough footfall and profit to survive.

Creating a Brand

Just like you establish new styles and themes for every new collection of clothes in your fashion outlet, you also need to establish your brand as part of the local community and establish the type of audience your clothes will be targeted at. Especially as it is your aim for your small fashion outlet to progress and profit continuously in the area. 

By gaining help from a marketing agency, you are provided with expert knowledge and years of experience that will allow your brand to develop into a unique and memorable company that the public will recognise. This can be achieved through social media management, as well as strategies such as pay per click advertising and email marketing.

The progression of your brand in the public eye can result in an increase in customers, which then with hard work, leads on to the development of a community of loyal consumers for your small fashion retailer- it’ll be like one big happy family when we’re finished! Every big-branded fashion house began somewhere, and even if you want to remain local, you still need to develop a name for your business to attract customers in order to survive; presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Follow the Current Trends

The fashion industry is continuously evolving from introducing new trends which are inspired by fashion shows, celebrities, famous fashion designers and local boutiques alike. Whether you want your store to remain distributing unique styles or you follow the fashion trends of the season, developing your brand and marketing skills around your local community will help it prosper the most.

While developing your brand, you will need to focus on retaining a central image while still improving your marketing strategies to appeal to the current fashion trends and social media preferences of the public. This means you will always be able to retain existing, loyal customers while also seeking out fresh ones- it’s as easy as that.

Popular trends increase with demand, and by tailoring your products and social media content to appeal to this, a community of customers can be created, leading to an increase in footfall (customer inflow). Local consumers then move on to share the name of your business through word of mouth, as well as your agency then upping your presence through social media platforms, allowing your name to become known beyond your local society. You will be the talk of the county!

Website Design

Your company’s aesthetic is vital because you want your brand to be presented professionally while also being deemed appealing to a particular or varied target audience. While store owners can decide the look of their shop floor, the online appearance of your brand is dependent on website design and how it can project a stylish, high-end image to the public. Nobody wants to look scroll down a website that looks like a 5-year-old has made it, after all. 

Another great way of conversing with the community is by allowing an area of your website to be dedicated to interaction with your customers; similar to a Facebook page but primarily for your website. For example, an area where they can communicate and comment on their favourite styles and products that you have produced and sold. 

If you decide to collaborate with a marketing agency, your company can receive an expertly designed website which will be aimed at enticing more customers to purchase from you. Or, if you decide to create one yourself, many sites offer cheap website designs that you can develop yourself as your brand grows. However, as these websites are not going to give you sufficiently extensive options, we recommend this just as a starting point.

Small fashion outlets with a physical selling space can too benefit from a marketing agency; a website and content marketing can generate greater awareness of their store through social media and emails. Therefore, marketing and website design for a small fashion retailer are vital for not only building a community around the brand but also the profiting of the company through a wider audience. 

Speak to Cheshire Cat Marketing today to find out more about how they, as a marketing agency, can help develop your brand and build you a community of customers for your business. It’s time to bring your brand to the forefront for all of the fashionista’s out there.

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